Events involve far more than meets the eye. They offer a wealth of opportunities and potential. They bring your company and your brand to the fore, charge them both emotionally and stimulate all the senses. The result is an enduring experience of a very special nature.

Do you know how your brand sounds, smells or tastes? Or what it feels like? We’ll find out together. With a design that provides an unmistakable stage for your event because all the details are creatively and convincingly coordinated with a basic underlying concept. In this way we will transform your event into a brand experience that creates lasting memories.  

// Sensory experience

Your participants can look forward to an event that appeals to all the senses and stays in their memory – one that has been designed by us and is in tune with your company’s identity. In this way the event design creates a unique experience!


// Central theme

An event design is successful if a clear, creative central theme runs through the event and the attention to detail is noticed by the participants. We will develop such a central theme for you and fine-tune all the details with you – from the event location to the invitations to the lighting design!


// Emotion

A creative event design evokes positive feelings in participants and elicits enthusiasm for your company. We can help you to emotionalize your event in order to secure a competitive edge.


// Full service

Of course, as a full-service agency, we provide you with much more than just the event design. We can help you to realize the entire event – from the design to the follow-up.


Would you like an example?

Take a look at the Zahngipfel Kongress,

which appeals to all the senses!