The conference is the king of disciplines in the event organization sector and raises daunting challenges with regard to planning, which requires clearly formulated objectives, flawless organization and reliable support. Besides smooth organization, a successful conference also depends critically on the ambience. That is precisely where our strength lies. We create the perfect setting for networking and broadening horizons.

After all, every conference – whether large or small, national or international – follows a simple principle: the speakers want to get their message across. And the participants, in turn, want to leave the conference with new knowledge and new experiences. The challenge is to meet the demands of both sides and even exceed their expectations.

A key factor for the success of your conference is communication: interested individuals and participants want to be informed about the program, the exhibitors and last-minute changes directly through appropriate channels.

// Thirst for knowledge

One of the purposes of a conference is to convey knowledge – between speakers and guests, between experts and lay people, between departments. To this end, a setting must be created in which knowledge can easily be assimilated and consolidated.

// Participant management

With regard to professional participant management, first impressions really count. We will take care of everything: registering for your conference, hiring competent contacts to answer questions and ensuring registration with no hitches on the day of the event.

// Speakers

A good presentation holds the audience’s attention. Skilled, motivating speakers are able to make any topic interesting. Boredom, after all, is a make-or-break criterion for every conference. We will help you to find the right speakers for your event.


// Networking

Create a bridge between the exciting keynote speeches and shared networking, for example by means of an accompanying industrial exhibition, an interesting social program or a trade fair. In this way you can offer the participants and partners an ideal opportunity to interact during your conference.


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