Once a year, every year: a company’s anniversary is the best opportunity to look back at traditions, developments, highlights and milestones. Bring those memories to life and show your staff and customers all that has been achieved in past years.

The event will be all the more exciting if you look not only back but also forward. By identifying your prospects, laying out your vision and formulating your goals, you can take your staff and customers on a tour into the future. This forges bonds, creates a strong sense of unity and shows appreciation.

We will develop a convincing concept with you that is based on your company’s values and visions so as to make your anniversary a real celebration.


// Progress and tradition

An anniversary, like no other event, invites the participants to contemplate the past. What was achieved in past years? What events will go down in the company’s history? Express thanks for past successes and march into the future together as a committed team!

// Participants

We offer complete and personal registration of your participants prior to your anniversary celebration using cutting-edge technology. In this way we set the stage to ensure that the entire organization of the event runs without a hitch on Day X – perfectly geared to your needs and wishes.

// Overview

We are the main contact for you, for all the service providers involved and, of course, for your guests before, during and after your anniversary event. We will deal with all your requests and concerns and keep you abreast of current developments and guest numbers.

// Moderation

Ideally, moderation should be to the point, engaging and well structured. The choice of moderator is a key factor. It is the leitmotif that runs through your anniversary celebration. We will find the ideal lineup for you!



Would you like an example?

Take a look at the CAMLOG family day and find out more details about our services!