Green events are the future of the event industry. We were allowed to accompany our customer BlueSens at its first Green Event: "Sustainable into the future". Including regional catering, travel by public transport and much more...


Participants:  approx. 100 | Date: August 2016 | Location: Herten | Customer: BlueSens gas sensor GmbH | Branch: Bioprocess Engineering



A coherent concept is the key to success at a Green Event. Particularly with sustainability, attention must be paid to the red thread so that authenticity becomes perceptible.

"BlueSens asked KAD Herten to organize the 15th anniversary of the company. What was already indicated in advance by the professional planning and the innovative suggestions regarding the motto "sustainable in the future", proved to be a bull's eye at the actual event. Customers, suppliers and project partners were amazed at what BlueSens can do apart from producing the best sensors for gases. At the celebration we were once again world class!

Because Tanja Kramer was responsible for the entire planning and implementation, the BlueSens employees could relax and enjoy the party. After the public part, it became a family party in the afternoon, where especially the children got their fun. A wood workshop, painting session and of course the shows of the physicists made the party a stress-free day for parents and children.
Many thanks Tanja!


Dr. Holger Müller und Dr. Udo Schmale, BlueSens