Green meetings are the future. Why? Because sustainability is an essential element of your planning, implementation and follow-up – ecologically, economically and socially. A welcome feature of such events is that they can be realized with little effort and without additional costs.


So why wait? If you wish, we will organize a green meeting for you, starting with paperless invitations and including environmentally friendly travel on public transport or car sharing and even a joint barbeque evening with seasonal products from local farms.


Start small. We’ll be happy to come up with ideas about how you can improve the sustainability of your events.

// Future orientation

Ecological sustainability affects not only us but also generations to come. It’s often the little things that bring about big changes. Let’s take a step in the right direction together with a green meeting tailored specifically to your needs.


// Ecological, economic and social

It’s not just about our climate but also about how we interact and the sensible use of resources. We will take ecological, economic and social aspects of your green meeting into account.


// Assuming responsibility

A green meeting can help you to reach many people at once, make a strong statement and actively contribute to sustainable living. In this way you will assume responsibility not only for your company but also for society as a whole.


// Footprint

After your green meeting we will evaluate what the measures you have taken have actually achieved, for example how many kilograms of waste you were able to avoid or how small your CO2 footprint was thanks to the use of public transport.



Would you like an example?

Check out the BlueSens Green Event and learn more about our services!