Coming together, sharing thoughts and experiencing something special together: corporate events are an essential part of live marketing. Present your company, get your messages across and enter into personal contact with your customers and colleagues. We develop the central theme of your event, create a strong sense of togetherness and make your corporate event an unforgettable experience.


So what do you need? An unusual location, a varied social program and a tailor-made design with unforgettable solutions. And a partner at your side that takes care of organizing the entire event and translates your wishes into concrete ideas. This includes a creative design, careful and detailed planning and professional realization with flawlessly organized participant management, first-rate speakers, fantastic shows and outstanding catering.

// Sense of unity

At the heart of every corporate event is a shared experience. Meet your guests on an equal footing and make yourself indispensable. Together, we will ensure that your message is conveyed to your guests and that this sense of unity endures.


// Central theme

An event should produce unforgettable moments and leave lasting impressions. Whether a show act, catering, keynote speakers or participant management, a central theme should run through the entire design of your corporate event.


// Emotion

We will help you to reach your target groups and exceed your guests’ expectations. We will develop a creative concept for you with moments that create lasting memories. Our aim is to wow your guests on your behalf with a successful corporate event.


// Setting

Your guests enter the site and behold a unique scene that creates a wow effect and goosebumps. The mood is set for a very special experience. Forget run-of-the-mill locations and choose an unusual setting. We will help you to find the perfect location for your corporate event.



Would you like an example?

Take a look at the Christmas party at Fendt and find out more details about our services!